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This index lists code examples throughout the text. Some examples are referred to by content; others are listed by the major MPI function that they are demonstrating. MPI functions listed in all capital letter are Fortran examples; MPI functions listed in mixed case are C examples.

  • ASYNCHRONOUS: Examples , Solutions , Permanent Data Movement
  • Attributes between languages: Attributes
  • Blocking/Nonblocking collectives do not match: Correctness
  • C/Fortran handle conversion: Transfer of Handles
  • Cartesian virtual topologies: An Application Example
  • Client-server code: Multiple Completions , Probe , Probe
  • Datatype!3D array: Examples , Examples , Examples , Pack and Unpack , Use of General Datatypes in Communication , Examples , Examples
  • Datatypes!matching: Type Matching Rules , Type Matching Rules , Type Matching Rules
  • Deadlock! with MPI_Bcast: Correctness , Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication , Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication
  • False matching of collective operations: Correctness
  • Fortran 90!copying and sequence problem: Problems Due to Data Copying and Sequence Association with Subscript Triplets , Temporary Data Movement and Temporary Memory Modification , Comparison with C , Nonblocking Operations
  • Independence of nonblocking operations: Correctness
  • Inter-communicator: Communicator Constructors
  • Interlanguage communication: Interlanguage Communication
  • Intertwined matching pairs: Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication
  • Linking libraries when using the profiling interface: MPI Library Implementation
  • Message exchange (ping-pong): Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication
  • Mixing blocking and nonblocking collective operations: Correctness
  • Mixing collective and point-to-point requests: Correctness
  • MPI_Comm_split_type: Communicator Constructors
  • MPI_Neighbor_alltoall: Neighborhood Alltoall
  • MPI_Win_sync!shared memory windows: Examples
  • mpiexec: Portable MPI Process Startup
  • Neighborhood collective communication: An Application Example
  • Nonblocking operations: Communication Completion , Semantics of Nonblocking Communication Operations , Semantics of Nonblocking Communication Operations
  • Nondeterministic program with MPI_Bcast: Correctness
  • Nonovertaking messages: Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication
  • Overlapping communicators: Correctness
  • Partitioned communication!Equal send/recv partitioning: Partition Communication with Threads/Tasks Using OpenMP 4.0 or later , Send and Receive Partitioning Example with OpenMP version 4.0 or later , Send-only Partitioning Example with Tasks and OpenMP version 4.0 or later , Semantics of Partitioned Point-to-Point Communication
  • Pipelining nonblocking collective operations: Correctness
  • Point-to-point!Hello world: Introduction
  • Profiling interface!implementation using the C macro preprocessor: MPI Library Implementation , MPI Library Implementation , Miscellaneous Control of Profiling
  • Progress of matching pairs: Semantics of Point-to-Point Communication
  • Progress of nonblocking collective operations: Correctness
  • Shared memory windows!MPI_Win_sync: Examples
  • Threads and MPI: General
  • Tool information interface!basic usage of performance variables: Performance Variable Access Functions , Control Variable Query Functions , Control Variable Access Functions
  • Topologies: An Application Example
  • Typemap: Distributed Array Datatype Constructor , Derived Datatypes , Datatype Constructors
  • Virtual topologies: An Application Example

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