This website contains information about the activities of the MPI Forum, which is the standardization forum for the Message Passing Interface (MPI). You may find standard documents, information about the activities of the MPI forum, and links to comment on the MPI Document using the navigation at the top of the page.

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BoF at ISC 19, Jun. 19th, 2018

Presentation from the MPI Forum BoF Session at ISC 18:

2018 MPI Standard Draft

Starting in 2018, the MPI Forum has decided to release draft specifications to allow users an implementors an early opportunity to see changes in upcoming versions of the MPI Standard. These draft specifications are not versions and are subject to change before published as an official version of the MPI Standard.

2018 Draft Specification


BoF at SC 18, Nov. 14th, 2017

Presentations from the MPI Forum BoF Session at SC 18:

Meeting Coordinators

  • Martin Schulz, Meeting Chair
  • Richard Graham, Convener
  • Wesley Bland, Meeting Secretary
  • Bill Gropp, Editor

Previous Efforts

  • Martin Schulz, MPI 3.1
  • Richard Graham, MPI 3.0
  • Bill Gropp, MPI 2.2
  • Rolf Rabenseifner, MPI 2.1

Steering Committee

  • Jack Dongarra
  • Al Geist
  • Richard Graham
  • Bill Gropp
  • Andrew Lumsdaine
  • Ewing Lusk
  • Rolf Rabenseifner