Meeting Logistics

June 14th - 16th, 2017

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Meeting Registration

Advanced registration is required for this meeting.

You can register here.

Meeting Cost

The registration fee is 90 EUR. The registration fee covers snacks, drinks, and lunch at the meeting on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Meeting Location

The meeting will take place at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University.

IT Center of RWTH Aachen - Erweiterungsbau

RWTH Aachen University - IT Center
Rechenzentrum Erweiterungsbau
Kopernikusstraße 6
52074 Aachen, Germany.

Public Transport

Bus stops “Mies-van-der-Rohe-Straße” or “Seffenter Weg” (route 3A, 3B, 33, 73), “Seffenter Weg” (route 12, 22), “Westbahnhof” (local and regional traffic) can be reached on foot in 6 minutes.

When using the bus, you can buy tickets directly from the bus driver when you board the train. They do return change, but do not try to pay with 50 EUR bills. You can by single ride tickets or four-way tickets (‘4er Karte’). The single ride tickets are already stamped and valid for the current ride. The four-way tickets have to be stamped by you when board the bus using the bright orange stamp boxes inside the bus.

When you ride the train, you must have a valid ticket before you board the train.

Phone apps
  • ASEAG mobil apps Online trip planer for public transport in Aachen city
  • AVV connect Online trip planer for public transport in Aachen and outskirts (Eifel, etc.)
  • DB Navigator Online trip planer of the Deutsche Bahn


RWTH Aachen University guests receive a discount on bookings through the HRS portal in some of Aachen’s hotels. Search for hotels using this link to the HRS website (an RWTH Aachen University Logo should appear at the top of the HRS page).

Recommendation: The guest house of RWTH Aachen University also rents out rooms, but you have to book them directly (not through HRS). It is in close vicinity to the IT Center only minutes away on foot. We have 10 rooms blocked for participants of the MPI Forum. The contact information can be found here.