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This document is the product of a number of distinct efforts in four distinct phases: one for each of MPI-1, MPI-2, MPI-3, and MPI-4. This section describes these in historical order, starting with MPI-1. Some efforts, particularly parts of MPI-2, had distinct groups of individuals associated with them, and these efforts are detailed separately.

This document represents the work of many people who have served on the MPI Forum. The meetings have been attended by dozens of people from many parts of the world. It is the hard and dedicated work of this group that has led to the MPI standard.

The technical development was carried out by subgroups, whose work was reviewed by the full committee. During the period of development of the Message-Passing Interface ( MPI), many people helped with this effort.

Those who served as primary coordinators in MPI-1.0 and MPI-1.1 are:

The following list includes some of the active participants in the MPI-1.0 and MPI-1.1 process not mentioned above.

Ed Anderson Robert Babb Joe Baron Eric Barszcz
Scott Berryman Rob Bjornson Nathan Doss Anne Elster
Jim Feeney Vince Fernando Sam Fineberg Jon Flower
Daniel Frye Ian Glendinning Adam Greenberg Robert Harrison
Leslie Hart Tom Haupt Don Heller Tom Henderson
Alex Ho C.T. Howard Ho Gary Howell John Kapenga
James Kohl Susan Krauss Bob Leary Arthur Maccabe
Peter Madams Alan Mainwaring Oliver McBryan Phil McKinley
Charles Mosher Dan Nessett Peter Pacheco Howard Palmer
Paul Pierce Sanjay Ranka Peter Rigsbee Arch Robison
Erich Schikuta Ambuj Singh Alan Sussman Robert Tomlinson
Robert G. Voigt Dennis Weeks Stephen Wheat Steve Zenith

The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory made the draft available by anonymous FTP mail servers and were instrumental in distributing the document.

The work on the MPI-1 standard was supported in part by ARPA and NSF under grant ASC-9310330, the National Science Foundation Science and Technology Center Cooperative Agreement No. CCR-8809615, and by the Commission of the European Community through Esprit project P6643 (PPPE).

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