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MPI-3.0 is a significant effort to extend and modernize the MPI standard.

The editors and organizers of the MPI-3.0 have been:

The following list includes some of the active participants who attended MPI-3 Forum meetings or participated in the e-mail discussions and who are not mentioned above.

Tatsuya Abe Tomoya Adachi Sadaf Alam
Reinhold Bader Pavan Balaji Purushotham V. Bangalore
Brian Barrett Richard Barrett Robert Blackmore
Aurélien Bouteiller Ron Brightwell Greg Bronevetsky
Jed Brown Darius Buntinas Devendar Bureddy
Arno Candel George Carr Mohamad Chaarawi
Raghunath Raja Chandrasekar James Dinan Terry Dontje
Edgar Gabriel Balazs Gerofi Brice Goglin
David Goodell Manjunath Gorentla Erez Haba
Jeff Hammond Thomas Herault Marc-André Hermanns
Jennifer Herrett-Skjellum Nathan Hjelm Atsushi Hori
Joshua Hursey Marty Itzkowitz Yutaka Ishikawa
Nysal Jan Bin Jia Hideyuki Jitsumoto
Yann Kalemkarian Krishna Kandalla Takahiro Kawashima
Chulho Kim Dries Kimpe Christof Klausecker
Alice Koniges Quincey Koziol Dieter Kranzlmueller
Manojkumar Krishnan Sameer Kumar Eric Lantz
Jay Lofstead Bill Long Andrew Lumsdaine
Miao Luo Ewing Lusk Adam Moody
Nick M. Maclaren Amith Mamidala Guillaume Mercier
Scott McMillan Douglas Miller Kathryn Mohror
Tim Murray Tomotake Nakamura Takeshi Nanri
Steve Oyanagi Mark Pagel Swann Perarnau
Sreeram Potluri Howard Pritchard Rolf Riesen
Hubert Ritzdorf Kuninobu Sasaki Timo Schneider
Martin Schulz Gilad Shainer Christian Siebert
Anthony Skjellum Brian Smith Marc Snir
Raffaele Giuseppe Solca Shinji Sumimoto Alexander Supalov
Sayantan Sur Masamichi Takagi Fabian Tillier
Vinod Tipparaju Jesper Larsson Träff Richard Treumann
Keith Underwood Rolf Vandevaart Anh Vo
Abhinav Vishnu Min Xie Enqiang Zhou

The MPI Forum also acknowledges and appreciates the valuable input from people via e-mail and in person.

The MPI Forum also thanks those that provided feedback during the public comment period. In particular, the Forum would like to thank Jeremiah Wilcock for providing detailed comments on the entire draft standard.

The following institutions supported the MPI-3 effort through time and travel support for the people listed above.

Argonne National Laboratory
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Cray Inc.
ETH Zurich
Fujitsu Ltd.
German Research School for Simulation Sciences
The HDF Group
International Business Machines
IBM India Private Ltd
Indiana University
Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (Inria)
Institute for Advanced Science & Engineering Corporation
Intel Corporation
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Mellanox Technologies, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
NEC Corporation
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Global Systems Division
NVIDIA Corporation
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Ohio State University
Oracle America
Platform Computing
RunTime Computing Solutions, LLC
Sandia National Laboratories
Technical University of Chemnitz
Tokyo Institute of Technology
University of Alabama at Birmingham
University of Chicago
University of Houston
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
University of Stuttgart, High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
University of Tokyo

Funding for the MPI Forum meetings was partially supported by awards #CCF-0816909 and #CCF-1144042 from the National Science Foundation. In addition, the HDF Group and Sandia National Laboratories provided travel support for one U.S. academic each.

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