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The editors and organizers of the combined documents have been:

All chapters have been revisited to achieve a consistent MPI-2.1 text. Those who served as authors for the necessary modifications are:
The following list includes some of the active participants who attended MPI-2 Forum meetings and in the e-mail discussions of the errata items and are not mentioned above.

Pavan Balaji Purushotham V. Bangalore Brian Barrett Richard Barrett
Christian Bell Robert Blackmore Gil Bloch Ron Brightwell
Jeffrey Brown Darius Buntinas Jonathan Carter Nathan DeBardeleben
Terry Dontje Gabor Dozsa Edric Ellis Karl Feind
Edgar Gabriel Patrick Geoffray David Gingold Dave Goodell
Erez Haba Robert Harrison Thomas Herault Steve Hodson
Torsten Hoefler Joshua Hursey Yann Kalemkarian Matthew Koop
Quincey Koziol Sameer Kumar Miron Livny Kannan Narasimhan
Mark Pagel Avneesh Pant Steve Poole Howard Pritchard
Craig Rasmussen Hubert Ritzdorf Rob Ross Tony Skjellum
Brian Smith Vinod Tipparaju Jesper Larsson Träff Keith Underwood

The MPI Forum also acknowledges and appreciates the valuable input from people via e-mail and in person.

The following institutions supported the MPI-2 effort through time and travel support for the people listed above.

Argonne National Laboratory Bull Cisco Systems, Inc. Cray Incorporation HDF Group Hewlett-Packard IBM T.J. Watson Research Indiana University Indiana University Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique (INRIA) Intel Corporation Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory Mathworks Mellanox Technologies Microsoft Myricom NEC Laboratories Europe, NEC Europe Ltd. Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ohio State University Pacific Northwest National Laboratory QLogic Corporation Sandia National Laboratories SiCortex Silicon Graphics Incorporation Sun Microsystem University of Barcelona (UAB), Dept. of Computer and Information Sciences University of Houston University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Stuttgart, High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) University of Tennessee, Knoxville University of Wisconsin

In addition, the HDF Group provided travel support for one U.S. academic.

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