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Those who served as primary coordinators in MPI-1.2 and MPI-2.0 are:

The following list includes some of the active participants who attended MPI-2 Forum meetings and are not mentioned above.

Greg Astfalk Robert Babb Ed Benson Rajesh Bordawekar
Pete Bradley Peter Brennan Ron Brightwell Maciej Brodowicz
Eric Brunner Greg Burns Margaret Cahir Pang Chen
Ying Chen Albert Cheng Yong Cho Joel Clark
Lyndon Clarke Laurie Costello Dennis Cottel Jim Cownie
Zhenqian Cui 2lSuresh Damodaran-Kamal Raja Daoud
Judith Devaney David DiNucci Doug Doefler Jack Dongarra
Terry Dontje Nathan Doss Anne Elster Mark Fallon
Karl Feind Sam Fineberg Craig Fischberg Stephen Fleischman
Ian Foster Hubertus Franke Richard Frost Al Geist
Robert George David Greenberg John Hagedorn Kei Harada
Leslie Hart Shane Hebert Rolf Hempel Tom Henderson
Alex Ho Hans-Christian Hoppe Joefon Jann Terry Jones
Karl Kesselman Koichi Konishi Susan Kraus Steve Kubica
Steve Landherr Mario Lauria Mark Law Juan Leon
Lloyd Lewins Ziyang Lu Bob Madahar Peter Madams

John May Oliver McBryan Brian McCandless Tyce McLarty
Thom McMahon Harish Nag Nick Nevin Jarek Nieplocha
Ron Oldfield Peter Ossadnik Steve Otto Peter Pacheco
Yoonho Park Perry Partow Pratap Pattnaik Elsie Pierce
Paul Pierce Heidi Poxon Jean-Pierre Prost Boris Protopopov
James Pruyve Rolf Rabenseifner Joe Rieken Peter Rigsbee
Tom Robey Anna Rounbehler Nobutoshi Sagawa Arindam Saha
Eric Salo Darren Sanders Eric Sharakan Andrew Sherman
Fred Shirley Lance Shuler A. Gordon Smith Ian Stockdale
David Taylor Stephen Taylor Greg Tensa Rajeev Thakur
Marydell Tholburn Dick Treumann Simon Tsang Manuel Ujaldon
David Walker Jerrell Watts Klaus Wolf Parkson Wong
Dave Wright

The MPI Forum also acknowledges and appreciates the valuable input from people via e-mail and in person.

The following institutions supported the MPI-2 effort through time and travel support for the people listed above.

Argonne National Laboratory Bolt, Beranek, and Newman California Institute of Technology Center for Computing Sciences Convex Computer Corporation Cray Research Digital Equipment Corporation Dolphin Interconnect Solutions, Inc. Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre General Electric Company German National Research Center for Information Technology Hewlett-Packard Hitachi Hughes Aircraft Company Intel Corporation International Business Machines Khoral Research Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Los Alamos National Laboratory MPI Software Techology, Inc. Mississippi State University NEC Corporation National Aeronautics and Space Administration National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center National Institute of Standards and Technology National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration Oak Ridge National Laboratory Ohio State University PALLAS GmbH Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pratt & Whitney San Diego Supercomputer Center Sanders, A Lockheed-Martin Company Sandia National Laboratories Schlumberger Scientific Computing Associates, Inc. Silicon Graphics Incorporated Sky Computers Sun Microsystems Computer Corporation Syracuse University The MITRE Corporation Thinking Machines Corporation United States Navy University of Colorado University of Denver University of Houston University of Illinois University of Maryland University of Notre Dame University of San Fransisco University of Stuttgart Computing Center University of Wisconsin

MPI-2 operated on a very tight budget (in reality, it had no budget when the first meeting was announced). Many institutions helped the MPI-2 effort by supporting the efforts and travel of the members of the MPI Forum. Direct support was given by NSF and DARPA under NSF contract CDA-9115428 for travel by U.S. academic participants and Esprit under project HPC Standards (21111) for European participants.

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