298. Deprecated since MPI-2.2

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The entire set of C++ language bindings have been deprecated.


The C++ bindings add minimal functionality over the C bindings while incurring a significant amount of maintenance to the MPI specification. Since the C++ bindings are effectively a one-to-one mapping of the C bindings, it should be relatively easy to convert existing C++ MPI applications to use the MPI C bindings. Additionally, there are third party packages available that provide C++ class library functionality (i.e., C++-specific functionality layered on top of the MPI C bindings) that are likely more expressive and/or natural to C++ programmers and are not suitable for standardization in this specification. ( End of rationale.)

The following function typedefs have been deprecated and are superseded by new names. Other than the typedef names, the function signatures are exactly the same; the names were updated to match conventions of other function typedef names.

Deprecated Name New Name
MPI_Comm_errhandler_fn MPI_Comm_errhandler_function
MPI::Comm::Errhandler_fn MPI::Comm::Errhandler_function
MPI_File_errhandler_fn MPI_File_errhandler_function
MPI::File::Errhandler_fn MPI::File::Errhandler_function
MPI_Win_errhandler_fn MPI_Win_errhandler_function
MPI::Win::Errhandler_fn MPI::Win:::Errhandler_function

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