363. Groups, Contexts, Communicators, and Caching C++ Bindings

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namespace MPI { 
Comm& Comm::Clone() const = 0
Cartcomm& Cartcomm::Clone() const
Graphcomm& Graphcomm::Clone() const
Intercomm& Intercomm::Clone() const
Intracomm& Intracomm::Clone() const
static int Comm::Compare(const Comm& comm1, const Comm& comm2)
static int Group::Compare(const Group& group1, const Group& group2)
Intracomm Intracomm::Create(const Group& group) const
Intercomm Intercomm::Create(const Group& group) const
Intercomm Intracomm::Create_intercomm(int local_leader, const Comm& peer_comm, int remote_leader, int tag) const
static int Comm::Create_keyval(Comm::Copy_attr_function* comm_copy_attr_fn, Comm::Delete_attr_function* comm_delete_attr_fn, void* extra_state)
static int Datatype::Create_keyval(Datatype::Copy_attr_function* type_copy_attr_fn, Datatype::Delete_attr_function* type_delete_attr_fn, void* extra_state)
static int Win::Create_keyval(Win::Copy_attr_function* win_copy_attr_fn, Win::Delete_attr_function* win_delete_attr_fn, void* extra_state)
void Comm::Delete_attr(int comm_keyval)
void Datatype::Delete_attr(int type_keyval)
void Win::Delete_attr(int win_keyval)
static Group Group::Difference(const Group& group1, const Group& group2)
Cartcomm Cartcomm::Dup() const
Graphcomm Graphcomm::Dup() const
Intercomm Intercomm::Dup() const
Intracomm Intracomm::Dup() const
Group Group::Excl(int n, const int ranks[]) const
void Comm::Free()
void Group::Free()
static void Comm::Free_keyval(int& comm_keyval)
static void Datatype::Free_keyval(int& type_keyval)
static void Win::Free_keyval(int& win_keyval)
bool Comm::Get_attr(int comm_keyval, void* attribute_val) const
bool Datatype::Get_attr(int type_keyval, void* attribute_val) const
bool Win::Get_attr(int win_keyval, void* attribute_val) const
Group Comm::Get_group() const
void Comm::Get_name(char* comm_name, int& resultlen) const
void Datatype::Get_name(char* type_name, int& resultlen) const
void Win::Get_name(char* win_name, int& resultlen) const
int Comm::Get_rank() const
int Group::Get_rank() const
Group Intercomm::Get_remote_group() const
int Intercomm::Get_remote_size() const
int Comm::Get_size() const
int Group::Get_size() const
Group Group::Incl(int n, const int ranks[]) const
static Group Group::Intersect(const Group& group1, const Group& group2)
bool Comm::Is_inter() const
Intracomm Intercomm::Merge(bool high) const
Group Group::Range_excl(int n, const int ranges[][3]) const
Group Group::Range_incl(int n, const int ranges[][3]) const
void Comm::Set_attr(int comm_keyval, const void* attribute_val) const
void Datatype::Set_attr(int type_keyval, const void* attribute_val)
void Win::Set_attr(int win_keyval, const void* attribute_val)
void Comm::Set_name(const char* comm_name)
void Datatype::Set_name(const char* type_name)
void Win::Set_name(const char* win_name)
Intercomm Intercomm::Split(int color, int key) const
Intracomm Intracomm::Split(int color, int key) const
static void Group::Translate_ranks (const Group& group1, int n, const int ranks1[], const Group& group2, int ranks2[])
static Group Group::Union(const Group& group1, const Group& group2)


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