211. Window Attributes

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The following three attributes are cached with a window, when the window is created.
MPI_WIN_BASEwindow base address.
MPI_WIN_SIZE window size, in bytes.
MPI_WIN_DISP_UNITdisplacement unit associated with the window.

In C, calls to MPI_Win_get_attr(win, MPI_WIN_BASE, &base, &flag),
MPI_Win_get_attr(win, MPI_WIN_SIZE, &size, &flag) and
MPI_Win_get_attr(win, MPI_WIN_DISP_UNIT, &disp_unit, &flag) will return in base a pointer to the start of the window win, and will return in size and disp_unit pointers to the size and displacement unit of the window, respectively. And similarly, in C++.

In Fortran, calls to MPI_WIN_GET_ATTR(win, MPI_WIN_BASE, base, flag, ierror),
MPI_WIN_GET_ATTR(win, MPI_WIN_SIZE, size, flag, ierror) and
MPI_WIN_GET_ATTR(win, MPI_WIN_DISP_UNIT, disp_unit, flag, ierror) will return in base, size and disp_unit the (integer representation of) the base address, the size and the displacement unit of the window win, respectively. (The window attribute access functions are defined in Section Windows , page Windows .) The other ``window attribute,'' namely the group of processes attached to the window, can be retrieved using the call below.

MPI_WIN_GET_GROUP(win, group)
IN winwindow object (handle)
OUT groupgroup of processes which share access to the window (handle)

int MPI_Win_get_group(MPI_Win win, MPI_Group *group)
MPI::Group MPI::Win::Get_group() const

MPI_WIN_GET_GROUP returns a duplicate of the group of the communicator used to create the window. associated with win. The group is returned in group.

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